Friday, February 25, 2011

Touch and Go - Cristina Lucas - Video


Above some screenshots from the video installation ‘Touch and Go’ by Cristina Lucas. I saw this video during a presentation of Utrecht2018 and it directly caught my attention. No more speeches for me, I was lured into the video. You see ordinary people throwing stones through the windows of an abandoned industrial building. It probably has all kinds of deeper meanings about capitalism, derelict buildings and empowerment, but I’m just fascinated by: The unexpectedness. The act of throwing. The joy of broken glass. And the different looks of the young and elderly stone-throwers: grins, hope, despair, playfulness and above all determination. It’s all in there. Unluckily, I didn’t find the video on Youtube or Vimeo, so you’ll leave with some screenshots. 

Pictures taken by Kap'n'Kaos

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